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Zhongtian micro intelligent voice interactive reference platform adopts dolphin power management scheme

dolphin integration of France and Hangzhou Zhongtian Micro System Co., Ltd. jointly announced the cooperation on the ultra-low power human-computer interaction SoC platform. In this cooperation, due to exceeding its specified test scope, Zhongtian microsystems authorized to obtain a complete set of silicon IP provided by dolphin company and powervision simulation platform to design a new generation SOC demonstration platform that can support human-computer interaction speech recognition

the emergence of powerful speech recognition algorithms will promote the development of speech interactive devices. Considering the factors such as simple peripheral circuits, good reliability, low power requirements and economy, speech recognition and ultra-low power consumption technology are the key to providing excellent user experience. Said xutao, vice president of marketing and marketing of Zhongtian microsystems. French dolphin technology, a complete solution including basic, functional and structural IP, enables us to quickly and safely demonstrate the human-computer interaction system based on the Zhongtian microprocessor SOC

based on Zhongtian's embedded processor with excellent energy efficiency, the human-computer interaction platform can adopt advanced voice processing algorithms that can easily maintain the jobs of hundreds of thousands of people to ensure the highest fidelity and recognition of voices from any direction in any environment. In order to maintain the longest battery life without charging and have a high-performance voice recording effect, the SoC Based on Zhongtian microprocessor will integrate whispertrigger ultra-low power voice detection IP, a breakthrough new technology of French dolphin technology, and cooperate with the audio codec with high dynamic range and low noise

with the advanced silicon IP and unique simulation platform, the tensile test for power consumption rubber, the design of noise integrity, and the advanced design methodology provided by us, which have been verified in Taishan 55nm demonstration chip, Zhongtian micro can provide a convincing demonstration system to fully demonstrate its CPU capability. Frederic renoux, sales director of dolphin, said that we are very honored to support Zhongtian micro to meet the demand from the rapidly growing voice interactive world

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