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Zhuhai Doumen external calibration of measuring equipment

Zhuhai Doumen external calibration of measuring equipment - testing instrument calibration institution

WorldCom calibration laboratory has passed the strict review conducted by the conformity assessment and Accreditation Committee according to the earlier standard cnas/cl01:2006 (iso/iec17025:2005), and obtained the accreditation certificate l3170 issued by the National Accreditation Committee of the laboratory. Therefore, it has been recognized by the national and regional laboratory accreditation institutions that have signed a multilateral agreement on mutual recognition with CNAs, The certificate/report issued has been recognized and recognized by other members of ILAC MRA. The data issued can be traced to the national measurement standard and unit system (SI), and the certificates/reports issued meet various certification requirements. WorldCom calibration laboratory is engaged in instrument calibration services for Z. Shitong calibration laboratory has a high-quality measurement calibration team mainly composed of engineers who have worked in the measurement verification and testing department for many years, and has hired a number of experienced experts and professors for support. The recognized calibration capability covers the metrology fields such as geometric quantity, length, mechanics, temperature, electricity, electromagnetism, radio, physics and chemistry, time and frequency, etc. The instrument calibration service we are engaged in is of and first-class level. The first-class team created by our instrument calibration service. Over the years, we have adhered to the concept of "high efficiency, service", strived forward and made efforts towards the goal of taking the lead in the industry, and made every effort to assist enterprises to establish a correct value traceability system and management system, so as to improve the quality competitiveness of enterprises, promote the development of the industry, and consolidate the sustainable operation of enterprises. We are willing to work with you hand in hand, and hope to become your trusted working partner! The impartiality statement

includes the catalogue of juice measuring instruments under the administration of the people's Republic of China according to law, the measures for the administration of measurement standards, the measures for the assessment of measurement standards, the measures for the administration of reference materials, the measures for the administration of measurement supervisors, the measures for the administration of IL measuring personnel, the measures for the administration of verification and certification of I-X measuring instruments, the measures for the administration of new products of measuring instruments, and the measures for the administration of licenses for manufacturing and repairing Sichuan measuring instruments, Measures for the administration of manufacturing and repairing measuring instruments by individual industrial and commercial households and measures for the administration of measurement by product quality inspection institutions. The promulgation and implementation of these regulations have played an important role in the legal management and supervision of Jishi l'operation, and all regions and departments have also formulated and implemented measurement supervision and management regulations suitable for local departments based on this. The second is the difference in subcontracting. When the testing laboratory issues the testing report to the customer, it only needs to indicate in the testing report that a certain data is detected by a subcontractor, and the testing report of the subcontractor will not be delivered to the customer, but will be guaranteed by the employer. For example, a certain measurement requires that the measuring instrument should have a range of 500V DC voltage, and the allowable error of * * * should not exceed 0.5V, while the measurement characteristics of the measuring instrument are the specific indicators of the measurement capacity specified in the specification of the measuring instrument, such as the measurement field, range, * * * allowable error, measurement uncertainty, etc

our company is an independent third-party calibration institution. In order to ensure the integrity, impartiality, scientific accuracy and service of our calibration work, we hereby make the following commitments:

1 The operating management system is established in strict accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, which can ensure the quality of calibration work and have a mechanism to ensure the continuous improvement of the management system

2. Adhering to the honest and fair attitude to all customers, we provide scientific and accurate data to achieve the service level

3. The calibration personnel shall work independently and have a mechanism to ensure that they will not be disturbed by any interference from inside and outside the company. Maintain the impartiality of calibration data

4. The calibration shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of relevant standards

5. Strictly keep the relevant information of customers confidential and effectively safeguard the rights and interests of customers

6. All employees shall not participate in any activities that may affect the impartiality of our company and strictly abide by professional ethics

the end customer gets a certificate/report. Unlike calibration, the calibration laboratory does not keep the subcontractor's certificate/report, and must deliver the calibration certificate/report provided by the subcontractor to the customer, so that the customer will get two certificates/reports. Shenyang Xinmin instrument testing center has many original Niudi eight style houses that can avoid wind and rain and are warm and dry. From the perspective of the remaining building foundation, it is very regular. For example, Banpo site has a square ground, each side is about 1 meter long. The Jiangzhai site was built in a different place with a length of about eight meters. And the matriarchal clan residential site, also excavated a large number of containers such as Italian bowls, bowls and bottles, cooking utensils such as pots and stoves. Their l-painted Ken patterns and decorations are generally symmetrical and evenly divided. In the site, there is a cellar used to store grain in rice. All these show that R had the concept of "number and display" at that time. To the JR paternal family building ceremony, HJ, xianding Zimu IP and Nong QK, this is the last social event in the history of Lou. The projects involved include: length, mechanics, thermal engineering, temperature, physics and chemistry, time and frequency, electromagnetic radio, special equipment, various non-standard equipment, etc. at present, there are more than 1200 projects that can be provided and approved by CNAs, covering electronics, electrical appliances, automobile communication, toys, lighting, wires and cables

Zhuhai Doumen metering equipment external calibration - test instrument calibration agency

service scope:

1 Length instruments and measuring instruments:

length comparator, interferometer, frequency stabilized laser, length measuring machine, length measuring instrument, tool microscope, reading microscope, optical meter, measuring projector, coordinate measuring instrument, spherical diameter instrument, spherical diameter instrument template, roundness instrument, taper measuring instrument, hole diameter measuring instrument, comparator, micrometer, optical instrument inspection tool, measuring block, ruler, baseline ruler, linear ruler, grating ruler, grating measuring device, magnetic ruler Capacity grid ruler, level gauge, inductosyn, measuring rope, caliper, micrometer, dial indicator, dial indicator, micrometer, small hole inner diameter gauge, flat crystal, knife edge ruler, edge ruler, flat ruler, measuring plate, wood ruler calibrator, micrometer gauge, dial gauge calibrator, dial indicator calibrator, micrometer calibrator, polyhedral prism, dial, goniometer, dividing table, dividing head, collimator, angle block, angle gauge, square Sine ruler, square box, level gauge, quadrant, square ruler calibrator, level calibrator, plug gauge, caliper gauge, ring gauge, conical sleeve gauge, feeler gauge, radius template, thread gauge, thread template, three pins, roughness template, roughness measurement microscope, surface profiler, gear involute tester, gear pitch tester, gear base joint tester, gear meshing tester, gear radial runout tester Gear helix tester, gear common normal tester, regular tooth thickness gauge, tooth gauge, gear parameter comprehensive measuring instrument, gear involute template, gear thread construction template, lead screw tester, theodolite, level gauge, plate gauge, altimeter, distance meter, thickness gauge, tool tester, bearing tester, area meter, leather area plate

2. Thermal measuring instruments

thermocouple, thermal resistance, temperature lamp, thermometer, pyrometer, radiation thermometer, thermometer verification device, electronic potential difference meter, electronic balance bridge, high temperature millivoltmeter, ratio meter, temperature indicator regulator, temperature transmitter, automatic temperature controller, temperature tour detector, temperature bridge, calorimeter, specific heat device, thermophysical property measurement device, heat flow meter, thermal imager

fanzhihong, associate professor of the Department of nutrition and food, School of food, Agricultural University, said that this statement was purely a rumor. In other studies, ultraviolet spectrophotometer was used to detect casein in milk. The results showed that the quality of casein in every 100g of milk was only 3.9G. Even if casein was really harmful, the content of this element in milk would not pose a threat to human body. In fact, casein mainly exists in mammals and is the main protein of mammals. It contains 8 kinds of amino acids required by human body, which is conducive to promoting the absorption of calcium by human body. In addition, casein is a good partner for muscle enhancement and a source of protein that helps athletes recover from stress, damage and fatigue. In addition, casein can regulate osteoporosis and rickets, blood pressure, iron deficiency anemia, magnesium deficiency neuritis and other diseases. Therefore, based on the nutritional effect of casein, casein is not only highly praised by bodybuilders, but also widely used as a dietary supplement for athletes. There are many casein products in the market. Metrological confirmation generally includes: calibration or verification, various necessary adjustments or repairs and subsequent recalibration, comparison with the metrological requirements for the expected use of the equipment, as well as the required seals and labels. Metrological confirmation is completed only when the measuring equipment has been proved to be suitable for the expected use and documented. The expected use requirements include: quantity

3. Ionizing radiation measuring instruments

standard radiation source, activity standard device, activity meter, 4 π γ Ionization chamber, medical activity measuring device γ Spectrometer, X-ray spectrometer, ionizing radiation counter, specific release kinetic energy measuring instrument, dose standard device, dosimeter, dose rate standard device, dose rate measuring instrument, dose equivalent instrument, neutron rem meter, dose equivalent rate instrument, exposure standard device, exposure meter, medical radiation source, exposure rate standard device, fluence standard device, fluence measuring instrument, fluence rate standard device, fluence rate measuring instrument, activation detector Electron beam energy measuring instrument, ionizing radiation protection instrument

4. Electromagnetic measuring instruments

standard battery, standard voltage source, standard current source, standard electric power source, standard resistance, resistance box, standard capacitor, variable capacitor for measurement, capacitor box, standard inductance, standard mutual inductance coil, inductance box, potentiometer, standard battery comparator, bridge, resistance meter, ohmmeter, milliohmmeter, megohmmeter, megohmmeter, ammeter, ammeter verification device, ammeter, milliammeter, microammeter Voltmeter, millivoltmeter, Microvolt meter, electric power meter, frequency meter, power factor meter, phase meter, galvanometer, multimeter, watt hour meter, watt hour meter verification device, transformer calibrator, transformer calibrator verification device, measuring transformer, induction voltage divider, DC voltage divider, shunt meter, magnetic material magnetic characteristic measurement device, standard magnetic material, standard tape, magnetic flux measuring tool, magnetic flux measurement coil, fluxmeter Magnetometer

with the development and application of the instrument, the detection of dairy products is more convenient and intelligent. Spectrometers and dairy ingredient detectors can quickly detect the ingredients in milk and screen for impurities without adding chemicals. Therefore, many rumors about milk are simply untenable. Even if it is true that some elements in milk will cause disease, the regulatory authorities and testing instruments have strictly checked the products as early as they leave the factory, and the products with problems will not be widely circulated in the market. Milk is an absurd rumor. The rumor ends in the wise. Consumers should not trust the rumor and give up buying milk. They should decide whether to buy milk by themselves according to their needs. Instrumentation RF Instrumentation Engineer instrumentation salesperson sales clerk sales Instrumentation electronic engineer Wu instrumentation salesperson instrumentation sales (base salary + commission) instrumentation tester is looking for sales talents (marketing, instrumentation, petrochemical, etc.) instrumentation assembly worker Lide Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. laser Senior Sales Manager Shanghai/Hongkou District optical device R & D project

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