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Zhongshan aomin entered the intelligent community system of the Olympic media village

there are many Zhongshan enterprises in the Beijing Olympic Games. At the 7th China (Zhongshan) international electronic information products and technology exhibition, which recently concluded, another Zhongshan enterprise providing products for the Beijing Olympic media village was found. It is Zhongshan AoMin Electronics Co., Ltd., which specializes in providing intelligent community systems for the Olympic media village, It has become the "Guardian" of the media village, such as temperature, gas atmosphere, chemical and biological environment

provide about 2000 sets of intelligent equipment

according to Chu bin, general manager of marketing of aomin company, in terms of product selection, the product evaluation team of the Olympic media village either selects products through bidding or directly selects products through industry investigation and evaluation. Aomin was selected through the latter. After preliminary investigation, in September this year, the review team and aomin started (5) the spring fatigue test. 2. The simple preliminary communication on the operation of the ordinary protection and maintenance machine of the pendulum impact testing machine. In mid November, the cooperation intention was officially determined. At present, aomin is assisting the construction party in the installation and commissioning of the Olympic media village products

it is understood that the media village phase I project needs to install about 2000 sets of intelligent intercom community systems. According to the requirements, the media village will complete the entire installation project in early 2008. After that, aomin will be responsible for two years of maintenance and after-sales service

how will this intelligent community system work? Originally, this system connects each room of the media with the property management center. When guests visit or the media need help, this system will play a role. "The product of aomin company is equivalent to providing the 'first protective wall'. Once someone enters, it will play the role of identification and reminder. Especially during the Olympic Games, people inside and outside the media village frequently go in and out. This system can effectively ensure the safety of the media village." Chu Bin said

it seems that this is no different from the intelligent systems in some communities. In this regard, Chu Bin said that security products are different from our general consumer products. They focus more on the stability and technical content of system performance. Because this system is used very frequently during the Olympic Games, the earthquake is very harmful in natural disasters, so there can be no accident

Chu Bin said that the company's ability to provide products for the Beijing Olympic Games is already a great honor and incentive, which is far greater than the profit itself

participated in the drafting of security industry standards

why did the review team choose aomin? Chu Bin said that this has something to do with the position of aomin company in the industry. After 10 years of development, aomin company has become a decisive enterprise in the security products industry, and has been among the "top ten national brands in China" in the industry for many consecutive years

in fact, the Olympic media village is not the first "big customer" of aomin. Before that, the general office of the State Council, the U.S. Embassy and the Norwegian Embassy used the company's products. Zhongshan local residential areas such as Yajule garden, Cuijing garden and lanqingxuan also use the company's products

in recent years, with the development of the real estate industry and the enhancement of people's awareness of safety protection, the security industry has also begun to develop rapidly, but the rapid development of the industry has also brought some problems. Some companies occupy the market at low prices, but do not strictly control the raw materials, product functions and processes, resulting in uneven product quality. In order to standardize the security market, in 2006, the China Security Alarm System Standardization Technical Committee issued a document inviting aomin company to participate in the drafting of the public security industry standard of the people's Republic of China ga-t, that is, the technical requirements for the linked visual intercom system, which was formally implemented on March 1, 2007

"there are many technologies used in security products. This standard sets normative requirements for many technical parameters and establishes an access mechanism for products in this industry." Chu Bin said that aomin's participation in the formulation of industry standards has proved its strength in the industry

at present, aomin is developing a digital intelligent community system. This system will change the previous wiring method. It works through the local area within the community. This will not only reduce the cost of cabling, but also speed up information transmission, reduce interference and reduce the possibility of data loss. It is expected that this system will be launched in mid-2008

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