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Central South intelligence and Siemens industrial software set up an industrial 4.0 Innovation Center March 20 the digitalization, networking and intelligence of the manufacturing industry are becoming the core of a new round of industrial reform. In this context, what kind of spark will be generated by the strategic docking between made in China 2025 and German industry 4.0? In Hunan, the cooperation between Changsha and Siemens industrial software gives more possibilities

on March 20, Hunan Zhongnan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongnan intelligent") unveiled its name in the intelligent garden in the robot industry cluster of Hunan Province, and 8 projects were signed on site. Zhongnan intelligent, together with Siemens industrial software, established the first industrial 4.0 innovation center in Hunan Province, becoming the only R & D and innovation center of Siemens in China with the theme of industrial 4.0. The center will add new strength to the transformation and upgrading of Hunan's manufacturing industry. Huhenghua, member of the Standing Committee of Hunan provincial Party committee and Secretary of Changsha Municipal Party committee, Gaoyong, Secretary of the Party committee of China Textile Industry Federation, and yujianyong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering witnessed the signing of the contract

Restructuring: a magnificent turn from Changtai robot to Zhongnan intelligent

in the near future, Zhongnan intelligent will have three business cards: the leading enterprise with the most comprehensive strength and the largest scale in Hunan intelligent manufacturing; Smart manufacturing star enterprise listed by the Ministry of industry and information technology; An intelligent manufacturing listed company cultivated locally in Hunan

Yang Yang, general manager of Hunan Zhongnan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., introduced that the goal of Zhongnan intelligent is very clear. It is to become a leading enterprise in Intelligent Manufacturing in Hunan, even in the Central South, South China and southwest regions. It will fully match or surpass Shenyang Xinsong and form a new pattern of China's intelligent manufacturing of North Xinsong and South Zhongnan

what is the background of the newly established Zhongnan intelligence? Why are you so confident

Zhongnan intelligent is a provincial key robot and intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise led by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Hunan Province. It was jointly established by Hunan Huasheng Group Co., Ltd., Yuhua Economic Development Zone and the original Changtai robot management technology team. The three parties jointly purchased Changtai robot

this joint acquisition is a typical representative of the transformation of provincial state-owned enterprises into intelligent manufacturing, an innovation in the way of attracting investment, and a major opportunity for Changtai robot to achieve Nirvana and rebirth

2008, Changtai robot entered the robot industry. After ten years of development, it has become the leading intelligent terminal manufacturer in the robot industry in China. Yangyang, the former chairman of Changtai robot, once said: Changtai robot company is famous but not large in scale. In recent years, its annual sales revenue has stabilized at about 200million yuan

Zhongnan intelligent acquired Changtai robot company and implemented shareholding reform. Employees will hold 39% of the shares. Restructuring will bring the enterprise back to life. Yang Yang believes that changing employees into shareholders will greatly stimulate the vitality of the enterprise

after the acquisition, Zhongnan intelligent will do a good job in inheritance and innovation and lengthen the industrial chain. Extending to the upstream, deeply plough the core and key components such as servo motor, electric control and reducer, and make the system integration of Changtai bigger and stronger; The downstream extension is to accelerate the cooperation between Zhongnan intelligent and Siemens, add the wings of industry 4.0, promote them to complete the whole series of integrated layout from single machine automation to single line automation to the whole plant automation integration service provider (industry 4.0), and provide solutions for the whole plant automation

8 projects were signed on site, and the first industrial 4.0 innovation center in Hunan Province was established.

Zhongnan intelligent will take industrial robot technology as the core, build an intelligent manufacturing industry group based on the automobile and spare parts industry, and extend to iron and steel metallurgy, civil explosion, transportation logistics and other strategic emerging industries, thus bringing errors to the experimental machine

at the unveiling ceremony, nanintelligent only knew its own needs, and signed strategic cooperation agreements with Siemens industrial software, poly civil explosive, and the 215000 tons of composite polyurethane adhesive for plastic flexible packaging produced by Chinese enterprises in 2009, Tsinghua University, Weichai Power, etc., and signed contracts on 8 projects

Zhongnan intelligent, together with Siemens industrial software, established the first industrial 4.0 innovation center in Hunan Province. In combination with the strategic deployment of "five 100" in Hunan Province and the development goal of Changsha to build a national intelligent manufacturing innovation center, the industry 4.0 (Central South intelligent) innovation center will introduce global cutting-edge digital and automation technologies and build an innovation platform from virtual to reality and from concept to solution

liangnaiming, global senior vice president of Siemens industrial software, pointed out that the industry 4.0 (Central South Intelligence) innovation center includes five parts: the ability center of digital chemical plant, the specialized laboratory of intelligent manufacturing, the solution research center of intelligent manufacturing industry, the intelligent manufacturing innovation and entrepreneurship service, and the intelligent manufacturing talent training platform. Liangnaiming said that the center will introduce and cultivate a number of high-level innovative talents to support the development of high-end industries in Hunan and join hands to move towards industry 4.0

on September 26, 2017, the first precision opto electromechanical industrial base in central and southern China was settled in Changsha Yuhua Economic and Technological Development Zone. Relying on the advanced aerospace technology of the 13th Institute of Aerospace Science and technology, it provides precision machining and testing services for intelligent manufacturing and develops the robot market. This time, Zhongnan intelligent and aerospace Zhongnan advanced optical electromechanical technology innovation center signed a contract to cooperate in robot manufacturing, automobile, new energy and other related industries

Zhongnan intelligent, in cooperation with poly civil explosives Liaoning company, will promote robot replacement in the field of civil explosives. Will the aircraft "disappear" if it is exploded? Houlingyun, an associate professor of the school of Aeronautics and Astronautics of Tsinghua University, denied the claim that the civil explosion was unmanned and safe in production. We have launched all-round cooperation with Weichai Power in the fields of foundry equipment and new energy automobile manufacturing equipment

promote the transformation and upgrading of Intelligent Manufacturing in traditional industries. Zhongnan manufacturing will cooperate with the science and Technology Development Department of China textile industry Confederation to give the textile industry the wings of intelligent manufacturing; In conjunction with Tsinghua University, the company has developed precision grinding machine tools for the foundry industry to fill the gap in domestic products

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