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Modern simple style home is fashionable and elegant, which is popular with the modern young people. Clean lines, simple and distinctive decoration, open pattern... All kinds of decorative elements are the embodiment of modern people's simple attitude towards life. Facing such a beautiful and comfortable environment after work every day, you will feel very good. Next, I will share with you a set of 70 square meters, two rooms and one living room decoration renderings

typical modern simple style design. The white corner fabric sofa with simple and elegant shape shows fashionable charm. The tea table on the log color table and the solid wood TV cabinet complement each other to highlight the natural beauty. The collage pattern carpet with coffee, white and black colors is unique and warm and comfortable, and the dark green sofa background wall echoes the TV background from afar, Install wall lamps on the wall to create a beautiful light and shadow effect

the kitchen restaurant and work area are located parallel to the living room, and the open design makes the whole space more spacious and transparent. The modern simple style of the overall cabinet looks atmospheric and stable. The unique shape of the white solid wood dining table and chair highlights the extraordinary aesthetic taste of the owner. The appearance of the chandelier hanging on the ceiling of the restaurant seems simple, but it gives people a feeling of exquisite and elegant. The white bouquet on the dining table is pure and flawless, which improves the mood of the meal

there is no gorgeous chandelier on the ceiling, and the inlaid lamp tube as the lighting equipment highlights the characteristics of modern simplicity and simplicity; Although the background wall at the head of the bed is only decorated with a landscape painting, the distant and pure artistic conception of the picture brings people infinite yearning and longing, and the thick artistic atmosphere fills the space and makes people intoxicated

the backrest of the double bed with big red stripes has become the highlight of space color, which improves the beauty of space and endows life with positive power; The decorative painting on the background wall at the head of the bed is mainly in a faint purple tone, showing the dreamy beauty in the woods under the sun. The aesthetic artistic conception makes people fascinated. The white wardrobe occupies the whole wall of this modern simple style bedroom, and the powerful storage function ensures that the interior is clean and orderly, creating a very refreshing sleep atmosphere

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