How to match the colors of wallpaper

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When pasting wallpaper, many friends don't know the clever collocation of colors. Different colors should be used in different spaces, which will really make people feel good at a certain time

nowadays, many people pay special attention to the decoration of the wall. The area of the wall is generally more than three times that of the indoor area. More and more people like to stick a layer of wallpaper on the wall, which is the fashion of the wall. The walls in different areas of the home need to be covered with Wallpapers of different colors and patterns. The matching of wallpapers is selected according to the decoration style and regional functions. Different rooms and regions are matched with different wallpapers. Now let's take a look at the skills of matching wallpaper colors in different areas

how to match the colors of wallpaper

select according to the direction of the room

from the direction of the room. The room facing east is the first to get the sun in the morning, and the light is also the first to separate. It is recommended to use wallpaper with light and warm colors, which is often the best effect. The south facing room has a long sunshine time, and the use of cold colors will make people feel very comfortable, and the decoration effect of the room is also the best

rooms facing west are mainly affected by the setting sun, so they should choose dark cool colors to look more comfortable. The room facing north is not exposed to direct sunlight, so the color selection should be more inclined to warm tone wallpaper, and the chromaticity is lighter

choose according to the purpose of the room

the purpose of the room is different, of course, the effect that needs to be created is also different. Generally speaking, the first feeling of a bedroom should be bright or comfortable; For restaurants, you can choose to use dark green wallpaper. Kitchen is more suitable for the use of light color wallpaper, but we should be careful with warm tone wallpaper

generally speaking, corridors and hallways mainly play an excessive role, so you can boldly try wallpaper in different colors; The style of the bedroom is mainly determined by everyone's taste

choosing Wallpaper of different colors according to the shape of the room can change people's visual effect on the shape of the room in a sense. For example, cold tone wallpaper can make the buildings with low spacing look higher; Widened the narrow room. Using dark wallpaper on the far wall of the room will make the far wall move forward

similar effects can also adjust the appearance of each room. For small houses, children's rooms are not spacious, so according to people's psychology that they want a more comfortable environment, it's best not to choose wallpapers with too eye-catching patterns, and the scale of the patterns should also be appropriate. If the patterns are too large, it will cause a sense of "proximity" visually

in terms of color, the bedroom facing north should not use cold colors, but should choose warm colors such as yellowish and brown wallpaper, so as not to give people a cold feeling in winter

choose according to the function of the room

the first feeling of goose yellow wallpaper is warmth; The first feeling of red wallpaper is stimulation; Large areas of red can make people excited. Green wallpaper is natural and fresh. It has the effect of calming emotions. It is a good sedative. At the same time, green has a good effect on regulating body balance. Light green can induce people's appetite, help absorb calcium, and help restore and maintain health




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