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Home decoration companies will make great differences in the quotation of coating construction costs. In terms of the construction cost of labor and materials, the quotation of brand paint is generally from 40 yuan/square meter, and the highest cost can reach more than 80 yuan/square meter. The designers of home decoration companies all said that the difference is mainly caused by the paint brand. Most home decoration companies choose coatings such as nippon, Dulux and Dufang. In contrast, the cost of Dufang paint will be higher than that of the other two brands

the cost of labor and materials should include the cost of puttying, primer and two layers of finish paint. The quotation provided by some home decoration companies does not include the cost of paint, and consumers need to be carefully screened

if the wall surface of your old house needs to be renovated and painted, it will increase the cost of peeling. In terms of peeling, professional construction personnel should identify whether the original wall surface of your home is hydrophilic or water-resistant, which is carefully divided in the quotations of some home decoration companies

large area leveling in coating base course treatment is charged separately

some home decoration companies also put forward the cost of base course treatment. Through understanding, base course treatment mainly refers to the treatment of the original wall surface, after shoveling the wall skin and before puttying. The main process is wall leveling

some home decoration companies offer quotation for the construction cost of wall coating and also offer quotation for leveling, but not all walls must be leveled before painting. The designer suggested that if the construction quality of the relatively new commercial housing is good and it has been decorated before, the process of wall leveling may not be necessary

as for the wall leveling, the designer also suggests that consumers should conduct local leveling during construction. Most new houses do not need overall leveling, which costs more

the specific conditions of base treatment and leveling need to be confirmed by the construction personnel after arriving at the site

the paint brand will provide paid construction cleaning of about 15 yuan/square meter

when consumers purchase paint alone, the brand will provide paid construction services. However, these construction teams may not be exclusive to a certain brand, but professional paint construction teams deployed among brands





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