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For many people, smart socket is still a relatively new product. As the name suggests, its most basic function, like ordinary sockets, is to facilitate the connection and disconnection of a certain part of the circuit. What's the difference

for many people, smart socket is still a relatively new product. As the name suggests, its most basic function, like ordinary sockets, is to facilitate the connection and disconnection of a certain part of the circuit. What's the difference


remote control

whether you work in a company or travel in a foreign country, you can remotely control the electrical appliances on the socket through your mobile phone. Your mobile phone is equivalent to a universal remote control. For example, remote control rice cookers. What should you do when you have put the ingredients, but forget to press the switch? Do you need to go home? Don't worry, you can set a good mode for the rice cooker on your mobile phone to make it work as usual. With the function of remote control, home life will be more safe and assured. Because you don't have to worry about the device you forgot to turn off. The switch is on your mobile phone


scene timing

in contrast, the smart socket is more humanized. You can create scenes for any electrical appliance in your home and schedule them. Which devices you control each time, when to turn them on and off, all depend on your habits. This also means that the equipment you want to operate can be cycled on and off

in summer, many people will worry about whether to turn on the air conditioner all night. If not, they are afraid of waking up in the middle of the night. If they turn it on, they are afraid of being bad for their health and wasting electricity. In winter, electric blankets come in handy. Similarly, people will be crazy about the switch problem. They want someone to press the control button when the blanket gets cold. With the three solid smart socket, you can turn on and off the air conditioner and electric blanket automatically as many times as you want, as long as you open it each time, so you don't have to worry about the quality of sleep


environmental protection and energy conservation

smart sockets have another advantage, that is, they are made of high-quality materials. Non toxic, harmless and low power consumption materials make it environmentally friendly and energy-saving. At the same time, its explosion resistance, fall resistance, flame retardancy and service life are also far beyond ordinary sockets

of course, not all smart sockets have the above advantages because of technical barriers. Many smart sockets cannot be truly "smart" and "high-end": or they just control the power supply of the socket and cannot remotely control the appliances connected to the socket; Or there are distance restrictions on remote control. The so-called "remote" is not global; Or the material is slightly inferior and has not passed the national 3C certification

where is the real smart socket? Take a look. Sangu smart socket can meet all the functions you need. With it, the traditional electrical appliances at home will no longer be clumsy, and the life of you and your family will be more comfortable, convenient, safe and environmentally friendly

with the help of Sangu smart socket and Sangu smart app, users can remotely and conveniently turn on and off various types of electrical appliances and household appliances at home anytime, anywhere, or manually click on the socket panel to quickly turn on and off power

- switch on and off desk lamps, electric fans, etc. to avoid excess power costs caused by forgetting to turn off electrical appliances; If all parents travel during the time or the rental room is not rented for a long time, the water heater can also be quickly powered off through the Sangu smart app without unplugging the plug

- switch on and off rice cookers and other electrical appliances that are often unplugged and plugged in, and cut off power in real time through the operation of Sangu intelligent app, eliminating the trouble of manual frequent unplugging and plugging

- control the real-time status of some household electrical appliances, such as electric mosquito repellent incense and electric blanket: ① in summer, by timing preset, the electric mosquito repellent incense will automatically begin to volatilize before the family goes to sleep, reducing the trouble of family members, especially infants, being bitten by mosquitoes; The electric mosquito repellent incense can be prevented from volatilizing at any time by cutting off the power of the socket, so as to prevent the decline of indoor air quality caused by forgetting to unplug the electric mosquito repellent incense, and fully ensure the health of family members. ② In winter, the electric blanket can be automatically turned on and warmed up before the old man falls asleep by timing preset. At the same time, it can be automatically turned off at the preset time, which is convenient and avoids the potential safety hazards caused by the old man forgetting to turn off the electric blanket because of his bad memory

through the preset linkage mode, it can trigger the smart socket of the bar to be powered on and the corresponding electrical equipment to be started at the same time, and trigger other equipment to be started synchronously, eliminating the tedious task of starting equipment one by one; You can also add the devices controlled by the smart socket together with other devices to a specific profile through the timed preset of the profile, which can be triggered automatically at a fixed time, by remote voice control or by independent one button trigger, so as to create a comfortable smart life





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