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Decoration Feng Shui occupies an important position in the whole Feng Shui. If you want to decorate your home interior, do you know what interior decoration and Feng Shui are like? Let's take a look at the following articles

what is the relationship between interior decoration and Feng Shui

What are the stresses of interior decoration and Feng Shui in the living room

1. Floor tiles should not be low-grade

in home decoration, floor tiles are a large expenditure with great scalability. The high price of floor tiles is hundreds of yuan, while the low price is only a few yuan. In order to save money, many working-class people are not willing to spend money on high-end floor tiles

in fact, this is a big mistake. First of all, floor tiles are easily worn parts. If they are too cheap, they will not be wear-resistant. Over time, floor tiles will be stamped. Secondly, the floor tiles that are too cheap are not anti-skid and are easy to slip, causing accidental injury. So when buying floor tiles, they should be at least medium-sized or above

2. Don't try to buy Wires and water pipes cheaply

wires and water pipes are also a big expense in the decoration of the whole house. Some wage earners have the idea of saving money in this expenditure, and often don't pay much attention to quality, but only price. This is a major mistake. If the quality of wires and water pipes is not up to standard, it will bring great potential safety hazards after decoration. Therefore, when buying wires and water pipes, the working class should not lower the standard, but should buy high-quality wires and water pipes to ensure safety

3. The living room space should not be narrow

the design of the living room is very important to create a spacious feeling. No matter whether the fixed space is large or small, this should be paid attention to in interior design. Spacious feeling can bring relaxed mood and happy mood

4. The living room space cannot be low

the living room is the most important public activity space in the home. No matter whether you do artificial ceiling or not, you must ensure the height of the space. This height means that the living room should be the one with the largest clear height in the home (except the staircase). This maximization includes the use of various optical illusion processing

5. The landscape of the living room should not be messy

in the interior design, we must ensure the beauty of the living room seen from that angle, which also includes the optimization of the outdoor scenery that the main point of view (Sha Fachu) yearns for. The decoration of the living room should be the most beautiful or personalized one in the whole room

6. The living room lighting should not be dim

the living room should be the brightest light in the whole room (whether natural lighting or artificial lighting). Of course, this bright spot is not absolute, but relative. Maybe in some practical activities (such as watching TV) you don't need very bright light, but in other daily living activities, bright light is indispensable

7. The style of the living room should not be different

no matter what the personality or aesthetic characteristics of you or any family member, unless you don't have any relatives and friends at ordinary times, you must ensure that its style is accepted by the public. This popularity does not mean that the decoration is ordinary, but that it needs to be designed into a style that is harmonious and relatively easy to accept

8. The living room material should be universal

in the decoration of the living room, you must ensure that the decoration material used, especially the ground material, can be used for most family living behaviors. For example, laying too smooth bricks in the living room may cause harm to the elderly or children or hinder their actions

9. The layout of the living room should be smooth

whether it is the side through living room or the layout of the traffic line across the middle of the living room, it should ensure the smooth access to or through the living room. Of course, this guarantee is formed when conditions permit

10. The furniture of the living room should be applicable

the furniture of the living room should consider the applicability of family activities and members. The main consideration here comes from the use of the elderly and children. Sometimes we have to make some concessions for their convenience

11. The door should not be directly opposite to the elevator

the door of a building should not be directly opposite to the elevator door, which is detrimental to wealth and wealth, and residents are prone to disease

12. The door cannot face the window, back door or toilet in a straight line

the door and window are the openings for Li Qi to enter and leave the house. The door cannot be connected with the window and back door in a straight line, forming the front and rear doors to pass through, so that Li Qi can go straight out of the hall and cannot gather in the house. Therefore, wealth cannot be gathered, so it is called returning wealth

the toilet is a space for people to excrete, which is not clean in nature, so the door should not be directly facing the toilet. The door directly facing the toilet will make financial investment mistakes, make people get in and out of money, and damage the wealth of their families

13. Hallways should be set in the gate and living room

Feng Shui Tips “ Like whirling, avoid straight ”. The gate and living room are equipped with a porch or a low cabinet shelter, so that there is a buffer inside and outside. After the Qi can be rotated, it gathers in the living room. The interior of the house is also hidden, and it is not easy to peek outside. The interior of the house is hidden, symbolizing the continuation of good fortune

14. The living room should be set in the front of the house

after entering the gate, you should first see the living room, while the bedroom, kitchen and other spaces should be set in the back of the house. The use and configuration of space are reversed, and the wrong setting of the living room in the rear will result in a pattern of returning money, which is easy to make money go downhill

15. Zhujiawang is located at the diagonal corner of the gate.

zhujiawang is usually located in the living room. Its main condition is quiet and stable. It cannot be the moving line of the channel. Generally speaking, it is located at the diagonal corner of the entrance to the living room. Since Wang Wei mostly appears at the diagonal of the gate, it is not suitable to hang a mirror, because the mirror has the effect of reflection, which is easy to hinder the fate of the family; So that wealth is not good and opportunities are lost. Wang Wei should place mascots that can contribute to good fortune. The best way is to plant green plants with broad leaves and vitality

16. The living room should not be dark

Feng Shui in the living room has sufficient light, so try to avoid placing too many dense potted plants on the balcony to avoid blocking the light. A bright living room can bring prosperity, so the wall of the living room should not choose too dark colors

17. The floor of the living room should not be uneven

the floor of the living room should be flat and should not have too many steps or create high and low differences. Some living rooms adopt the design of high-level and low-level zoning, so that the floor height has obvious changes, so the family transportation will also be more bumpy due to the fluctuation of the floor

18. The living room should not become a moving line

the living room is a place where people gather energy. It should be stable. It should not be planned within the moving line, which makes people walk too often. The living room is set in the moving line of the passage, which is easy to cause family gatherings or guest visits to be scratched. Otherwise, it will affect the career and interpersonal relationship of the owner of the house

19. If there is a beam cross span in the living room, it should be covered by decoration.

if there is a beam on the ceiling of the living room, it will form a feeling of oppression. People sitting under the beam will easily cause mental tension and poor luck. The beam should be covered in the ceiling of the interlayer as soon as possible

20. The living room should use more circular decorations

the living room is a place where families and friends meet, and it is most necessary to create a lively and harmonious atmosphere. The circle belongs to Yang and is a dynamic symbol, so the round lighting, ceiling modeling, and decorations have a warm and lively atmosphere

about interior decoration and Feng Shui

I. if the door of the toilet is connected with the door of the kitchen, the door of the toilet should be kept in mind that it should be closed frequently to avoid being washed away by the dirty gas

second, if the door and balcony are in line, they also need to be separated by a screen or porch, because the front and back are transparent, so you can see through the door and balcony at a glance, through the cloud: “ Before and after, people and money are empty& rdquo; And the wind blows through the hall, which is easy to get sick

third, try not to have too many sharp corners inside the house. Many modern high-rise residential living rooms are diamond shaped, and sharp corners often appear, which not only has evil spirit, but also makes the living room lose harmony and unity. If this happens, wooden cabinets or low cabinets should be added to the empty corners. If you don't want to put the wooden cabinet, you can put a pot of tall and dense evergreen plants in the sharp corner, which can also reduce the influence of the sharp corner on the feng shui of the living room

IV. too many windows in the house will lead to discouragement, and too few windows in the house will lead to less anger, which are unlucky and should be changed

fifth, the door cannot be directly opposite the toilet door. Imagine that people can see the toilet as soon as they enter the door, then what is the function of the house? In addition, the bedroom door and toilet door can't be directly opposite, and the bedroom door and bedroom door can't be directly opposite, which all make the door flush

VI. the door is facing the elevator or stairs, which is a violation. Originally, the house was a place for gas gathering and health preservation, but now it is directly opposite to the elevator and stairs, and the anger in the house is absorbed by it, which is a taboo. The law of remedy is to separate the entrance with a screen or porch

VII. If there is a beam in the bedroom, living room or dining room, remember not to press the bed and seat, and the ceiling should be high rather than low

VIII. If the gate is directly opposite to the long corridor, this is also a shock. The longer the corridor is, the worse it is for the home. This is called the heart piercing sword pattern. If there is no screen in the door, it is not suitable for living

IX. don't put too many things indoors. The more decorations, the better. Too many decorations are not only disorderly, but also lead to excessive pressure. It is appropriate

X. The indoor mirror cannot face the door directly, including the door, bedroom door, toilet door and kitchen door. You can't face the couple's bed and the child's bed directly

what are the taboos of Feng Shui in interior decoration?

first, the house with the door directly facing the elevator entrance is very easy to get in and out, but such a house is easy to lose money or suffer from disasters, especially when the elevator is on the right side of the door. Such a house needs to be blocked by a porch before it can be resolved

2: the living room is the place of wealth. If the dining table is in the living room, it is very appropriate, but in some landscape houses, some people will put the dining table on the balcony of the landscape. Although the scenery looks good, it needs to be known that home is not a hotel, so it is easy to lose money, which is an unfavorable Feng Shui

III: if there are too many mirrors in the home, it will easily lead to money loss, which will consume the wealth of the home. However, it should be noted that although some people do not have mirrors, smooth glass will also form mirrors, so it is better to change them into frosted or carved ones

IV: the door in the home should be square and angular. Some people like to make an arched door, which is not good, because the doorpost sometimes looks like two candles. This looks very bad, and it is easy to lose money or have disasters

V: if the house you live in is a European style house, these houses have more large bay windows in order to increase indoor space, lighting and wind. If the balcony faces this kind of jagged building, you must use Bay mirrors or copper turtles to dissolve it, otherwise it is easy to lose money

VI: for the master bedroom, the windows should not be hedged. If the bedroom has windows on both sides, it should be at right angles rather than hedged. Feng Shui believes that this pattern of double window hedges is easy to lead to the host's virtual and sickly body, the husband and wife are not easy to get pregnant, and damage wealth. If there are windows on three or four sides, it is more taboo. So I need to block a window

VII: the choice of dining table is also very important. Generally, it is better to choose rectangular or oblong ones, and there is no need for grotesque ones. If the prismatic dining table will lead to money leakage, those wavy water-shaped dining tables are not





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