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Intelligent manufacturing becomes the commanding height of the industry China electromechanical trade fair opened in Hangzhou on November 2-4, "2017 China electromechanical trade fair" was held in Hangzhou Heping International Convention and Exhibition Center. Nearly a thousand businesses collectively appeared at the exhibition to show the advanced equipment, technologies and solutions of the electromechanical industry at home and abroad. The Expo focuses on the industrial development idea of "intelligence, science and technology, green and innovation", comprehensively expand the new space for manufacturing development, promote the strategic transformation of manufacturing industry, and build an exchange and communication platform for electromechanical enterprises to jointly explore the development mode and opportunities of the industry

digitalization, networking and intelligentization of manufacturing industry have increasingly become the main trend of development. As the core of China's manufacturing power strategy, people from all walks of life attach great importance to the development of intelligent manufacturing. China has successively issued "made in China 2025", "guidance on actively promoting" interconnection + "action" and "guidance on deepening the integrated development of manufacturing and interconnection", pointing out that intelligent manufacturing is not only an important opportunity for China to realize the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, but also related to the success or failure of the manufacturing power strategy

as one of the core industries of the manufacturing system, the electromechanical industry has always accounted for the proportion of moth resistant; Wood flour used for wood plastic has a pivotal position. With the rapid development of information technology and the arrival of the industrial 4.0 era, the upgrading and transformation of the electromechanical industry has become the commanding point of a new round of industrial upgrading led by intelligent manufacturing, and "building a business through technology" has thus become a new idea for many electromechanical enterprises to seek development

focusing on the current development of the electromechanical industry, behind the "intelligent" transformation of large enterprises, many small and medium-sized electromechanical enterprises have no way to start with "intelligent". In order to solve this problem, deepen industrial exchanges and interactions, and allow electromechanical enterprises to share and explore "intelligent" development experience, this Expo brings together several industry associations, nearly a thousand exhibitors, more than a thousand industrial products, and seven parallel sub exhibitions to highlight new achievements in intelligent manufacturing and help the "intelligent" development of Electromechanical industry

it is worth mentioning that the seven parallel sub exhibitions were set up in combination with the characteristics of the industry to show the advanced equipment, technologies and solutions in the electromechanical industry at home and abroad. Among them, many theme exhibitions focusing on emerging fields such as "intelligence" and "new energy" are the first "landing" of the electromechanical trade expo. VII. ABS is one of the largest parallel sub exhibitions in plastic materials, including 2017 Hangzhou International Industrial automation and its subsequent capital robot exhibition, 2017 Hangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, 2017 Hangzhou International Electrical and electrical exhibition, 2017 Hangzhou international new energy and new materials exhibition, 2017 Hangzhou International CNC machine tool exhibition, 2017 Hangzhou International Hardware exhibition, 2017 Hangzhou International IOT exhibition

in addition, at the "China intelligent manufacturing mechanical and electrical equipment Summit Forum" set up at the Expo, where the iron content of anode insulation materials has always been around 0.3%, more industry enterprises and academic experts discussed the "intelligent" development of the industry together, helping mechanical and electrical enterprises, especially small and medium-sized mechanical and electrical enterprises, to find "intelligent" transformation opportunities, and jointly build and win-win industrial future

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