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Smart lighting + lithium battery energy storage + photovoltaic power three wheel drive Jiawei Xinneng's core businesses play a synergistic effect

the synergy of the ecological layout of the whole industry chain is fully displayed

Jiawei Xinneng () has been focusing on the field of new energy, mainly engaged in three core businesses, including the company's smart lighting, lithium battery energy storage and photovoltaic power, and has formed a good synergy among various sectors. Relying on the company's strong R & D and design capabilities, the company's core competitiveness has been further consolidated and strengthened

among them, the subsidiary Huayuan new energy has rich technical accumulation in the field of photovoltaic power station construction and operation; Jiaweilong energy has rich accumulation in high-end power lithium-ion battery core technology, industrial energy storage technology, electric energy storage technology and household energy storage technology; However, guochuang Jiawei has been deployed in the field of graphene for many years. With the continuous pragmatic promotion of photovoltaic and lithium battery sectors, graphene products, as a new lightweight material with excellent performance, will carry out joint innovation in new energy vehicle batteries and battery products

intelligent lighting of core business perfect intelligent product system and advanced global marketing service network

Jiawei Xinneng is one of the solar energy and LED lighting application enterprises with perfect research, production and marketing systems, and has prospectively established a global sales and service network. The product range covers courtyard lighting, LED lighting and smart home. Adopt the sales mode of direct selling with distribution as the supplement, and provide accurate and high-quality products and services by means of Ka whole process marketing, close to customer needs; In China, the company carries out sales network coverage through the channel resource width of dealers, closely follows the market trend and meets the diversified and high-quality market demand. Jinan Shijin wood-based panel universal testing machine is used for mechanical testing of various wood-based panels, plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, etc., and meets the performance test method of wood-based panels in gb/t17657 ⑵ 013

lithium battery energy storage of core business to create an integrated lithium battery industry layout

Jiawei Xinneng has been well known by investors in the market as "the first share in the photovoltaic and LED lighting industry". In fact, the enterprise has already realized a diversified business layout in the new energy field. The company focuses on the R & D, production and sales of high-performance lithium-ion batteries and systems, accelerates its progress towards the field of lithium battery energy storage through self built production lines and equity participation, and builds an industrial ecological chain integrating upstream raw materials, power battery system, electric vehicle operation and battery recycling, creating an integrated industrial layout

at present, the company's products are mainly square soft pack batteries, which have the characteristics of fast charging speed, high energy density, multi cycle times, safety, reliability, low temperature resistance, etc. to meet the needs of new energy vehicles, low-speed electric vehicles, industrial and commercial energy storage power stations and other fields, and can be applied to electric passenger vehicles, electric two and three wheeled vehicles, four-wheel low-speed vehicles, commercial vehicles, special vehicles and other vehicles

graphene product line of core business is rich in categories and has broad business development space.

since 2014, Jiawei Xinneng has established guochuang Jiawei to layout graphene related research and industrialization. Aiming at different market applications, we have developed a series of new graphene material products with multiple varieties and specifications. Among them, semi-finished graphene powder includes graphite oxide powder, graphene powder, graphene microchip powder, etc; The finished graphene is mainly functional paste and coating, mainly including graphene conductive paste for lithium battery, graphene heat conduction and heat dissipation and anti-corrosion paste/coating, graphene conductive ink, etc

photovoltaic power, the core business, implements a new strategy by virtue of its comprehensive strength and good reputation

Jiawei Xinneng adopts the principle of selecting projects in photovoltaic power stations, and by virtue of solid integration, "Zhang Wei, deputy general manager of Jiangsu meiside Chemical Co., Ltd., introduced that its comprehensive strength and good reputation in the industry ensure the stability of the sustainable development of the project. Through technology and mode innovation, the construction methods of "Golden Rooster independent pile" and "well" shaped cable layout have been explored. On this basis, the humidity sensor is also used for direct measurement; The control and display operation interface uses the limited land resources by means of independent temperature and humidity and combined temperature and humidity controllers, and explores a variety of modes such as complementary fishing light, complementary grazing light, and complementary farming light, which combine photovoltaic with fishery breeding, animal husbandry breeding, and agricultural planting, achieving the goals of lower comprehensive cost, greater comprehensive benefits, and higher system efficiency

lithium battery and graphene projects are progressing smoothly

with the increase of orders and shipments, the scale effect of Jiawei Xinneng lithium battery business is gradually reflected. The subsidiary jiaweilongneng has made significant progress in the application of lithium batteries. The company has signed battery procurement framework cooperation agreements with a number of customers at home and abroad, and has started project development and docking. At present, some products have been delivered

in terms of graphene, in 2018, guochuang Jiawei completed the construction of a large-scale graphene conductive slurry production line of Huizhou guochuang Jiawei graphene Technology Co., Ltd., with the construction scale of 2000 tons in the first phase, and the total capacity of Shenzhen guochuang Jiawei reached 3000 tons with its own capacity of 1000 tons. Graphene related application products were officially mass produced and sold in guochuangjiawei Huizhou production base, and graphene conductive paste was highly praised after customer testing and actual use; Graphene heat conducting and radiating coating has passed the test and has achieved project cooperation with LED outdoor display manufacturers; The water-based graphene conductive paste developed by the company has been successfully applied to the loudspeaker diaphragm of electrostatic sound, and has achieved small batch trial production and sales; The application research and development of graphene anticorrosive coating in industrial products has been mature, especially the application on the surface of copper radiator has been retested by the customer's laboratory, which truly realizes the practical application of graphene anticorrosive coating in industrial products

strong R & D strength ensures the continuous innovation of core business product lines

strong scientific research investment is an indispensable condition for the realization of the company's strategic objectives. Jiaweixin can continue to maintain its investment in R & D. Its core R & D team is led by many doctors from famous universities such as Massachusetts Institute of technology, Harvard University, Berkeley University and Tsinghua University, and consists of more than 150 senior R & D personnel in materials, electrochemistry, structural design and electronic circuit design. Among them, more than 70% of the graduates from domestic key universities, and the core personnel have more than 10 years of relevant R & D experience, with strong talent and technical reserves

the strong R & D capability also ensured that the company's core business segment achieved product innovation and achieved fruitful results. In the field of photovoltaic power plants, we have successively developed adaptive tracking systems such as inclined single axis and horizontal single axis. The system can automatically change the position angle of the battery panel to maximize the light intensity of the positive light perpendicular to the battery panel in the same shift. The relatively inclined fixed installation method can increase the power generation by 15%-25% compared with the fixed power plants; In the field of lithium battery, the company has obtained patents covering the synthesis of anode and cathode materials, electrolyte research and development, diaphragm research and development, battery and other aspects, and has all-round independent intellectual property rights; In the field of graphene, invention patents have been obtained for graphene heat dissipation coating and its preparation method and application, graphene aqueous slurry and its preparation method. As of December 31, 2018, Jiawei Xinneng and its subsidiaries have 162 domestic and foreign patents, including 19 invention patents, 72 utility model patents, 57 design patents, 12 foreign patents and 2 patent copyrights. There are still 31 domestic and foreign patents in the application stage

the company's management is efficient, the decision-making mechanism is flexible, the talent training system is scientific, and the equity incentive mechanism is generous.

jiaweixinneng has an experienced and skilled management team. Over the years, this team has proved that it can accurately study and judge the market and industrial development direction, grasp opportunities quickly and flexibly, mobilize talents, capital and other resources by market-oriented means, and finally seize the strategic commanding height

of course, the company also pays attention to talent echelon training, and has established a scientific and reasonable internal talent training and selection mechanism, as well as a performance appraisal system and reward mechanism for technical R & D personnel, marketing personnel and engineering service personnel. In particular, equity incentive has been implemented for the main management team, core technicians and business backbones, which has also laid a solid foundation for the sustainable, stable and healthy development of the company

the new energy industry has broad prospects for development. The company has great prospects.

the country has successively issued a series of laws, regulations and market policies for strategic emerging industries, and established the status of emerging industries such as new energy power generation, new energy vehicles, new material applications, energy conservation and environmental protection. Jiawei Xinneng's photovoltaic power station construction and operation, LED lighting, power lithium battery and energy storage, graphene material application and other businesses are strategic emerging industries strongly supported by the state. With the continuous growth of the overall scale of the industry, they have played a positive role in the company's operation and development

considering the depth of the new energy industry chain, Jiawei Xinneng strategically laid out the manufacturing and energy storage of high-end power lithium batteries, expanded its main business to the integrated optical storage industry chain, and formed a professional ecological new energy company integrating R & D, design, production, sales and operation. In the future, Jiawei Xinneng will gain greater competitive advantage through its advantages in the integration of new energy industry chain

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