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"Intelligent Lovol · quality commitment" LOVOL H series loaders were born in the sky

"intelligent Lovol · quality commitment" LOVOL H series loaders were born in the sky

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recently, a new generation of Lovol loaders implanted with intelligent genes - LOVOL H series loaders were born in the sky. Today, I will show you the new flagship of Lovol loaders

LOVOL H series loaders are equipped with more and more intelligent user interactive instruments and GPS systems. Using bus communication technology, they form an intelligent monitoring network with engines, GPS and sensors to monitor the working status of the whole vehicle "all-weather and seamless", give early warning of vehicle faults, and synchronously transmit them to the Lovol loader service background to realize remote fault diagnosis

LOVOL H series loaders were born

and the intelligent GPS system configured by the machine enables users to query vehicle status, working conditions, equipment health status and other information through terminal equipment such as computers and seals that should be replaced during cleaning. Lovol loader after-sales service center can use the intelligent GPS system equipped with the machine to realize the statistical analysis of the equipment's regional distribution, fuel consumption analysis, working hours, etc., and can push service announcements, maintenance reminders, vehicle needs and other information to users, realizing the communication and interaction with users

in terms of energy saving and high efficiency, LOVOL H series loaders adopt high-pressure common rail engine and multi-level power control technology to realize the intelligent control of engine on working conditions and reduce unnecessary fuel consumption

it is understood that the multi-level power control technology means to control the engine torque by controlling the fuel injection quantity of the fuel injection pump before the electronic control, and to control the power performance of the whole vehicle through rapid technical communication with the enterprise. The engine of LOVOL H series loader is preset with three power curves under light, medium and heavy working conditions. The user can select the corresponding power curve through the intelligent switch in the cab according to the actual working conditions, so as to meet the power demand under different working conditions. The high-pressure common rail engine can accurately control the fuel injection quantity and time, so as to ensure that the engine is in the best working state at all times

given that LOVOL H series loaders have just been launched, the current information is only the tip of the iceberg of LOVOL Loaders' new flagship. Let us wait and see what kind of market performance they will have

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