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Intelligent lighting business opportunities show how to outwit the intelligent lighting market. LED lighting has now become the standard substitute for traditional street lighting in most cities in the world. Intelligent control has become more and more extensive and is gradually deployed with LED lighting

with the arrival of the intelligent era, the more intelligent lighting is assumed to be paid more attention due to poor cleaning, installation, adjustment or lubrication. According to the data, the global intelligent lighting market is expected to reach US $13.427 billion in 2020. In the face of such a huge market, understanding the market demand is the top priority. It has been sorted out for you. The working days of all legal and compliant coal mines will be relaxed to the five business opportunities of 330 days lighting. This acquisition will not only consolidate Bayer's leading position in the polyurethane industry, but also enable the company to better meet the growing demand. Know your enemy and win every battle. Let's have a look

1. Central control, multi-point operation

terminals in any place control lights in different places, or terminals in different places control the same light. Tablet computers, smart phones, smart watches and other ways to connect the lighting control system wirelessly, so that users can control the lighting equipment at any time and place (even in the swimming pool)

2. Soft start function

when the light is turned on, the light gradually turns from dark to bright; When the light is turned off, the light turns from bright to dark to avoid the sudden change of brightness to stimulate the eyes. At the same time, avoid the impact of sudden change of large current and high temperature on the filament, protect the bulb and prolong the service life of the light source by times. Adjust the brightness of the intelligent lamp through the centralized controller or a simple key. Soft light brings good mood, less dark light helps to think, and more bright light makes the atmosphere more heated

3. Timing control

through the schedule management module, you can set a timing switch for lighting. For example, turn on the light in the bedroom slowly to a suitable brightness every morning, and turn off all lights automatically at night

4. Scene control

for fixed mode scenes, there is no need to switch the light source and adjust the brightness one by one. One key can control a group of lights. Such as home mode, home mode, reception mode, dining mode, Cinema mode, etc

5. Easy installation and cable saving

more people think that there is no need to consider any control relationship when installing the lighting system. After the installation of the whole system, the address code of each unit can be set through software to establish the corresponding control relationship. Compared with the traditional control method, it saves a lot of cables originally connected to ordinary switches, shortens the time of installation and construction, and saves labor costs

intelligent lighting not only provides convenience for life, but also is low-carbon, energy-saving, healthy and environmental protection. It is one of the main sales forces in the smart home market. It is worth mentioning that intelligent lighting not only performs well in the field of home, but also has good development prospects in the field of office, business and public facilities

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