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Intelligent interactive decoding Quanzhen Internet, Yuanchuan technology empowers the financial industry

now, an exciting opportunity is coming. After ten years of development, the mobile Internet is about to usher in the next wave of upgrading. We call it Quanzhen Internet. I believe another big reshuffle is about to begin. Just like the transformation of mobile Internet, those who can't get on the boat will gradually fall behind

Ma Huateng, known as the wind vane of the industry, wrote in the preface of the annual special issue of Tencent culture, "Three Outlooks"

after the advent of Quanzhen Internet, it has attracted wide attention and discussion

the core meaning of all truth interconnection can be summarized as: comprehensively removing the virtual to the real. Intelligent interaction, 5g and digitalization are the important labels in terms of the effects that Quanzhen Internet wants to bring. Through high-tech means, it creates a panoramic interactive experience from the aspects of hearing, vision and touch, so that people can immerse themselves in the carefully created magical atmosphere and shuttle between reality and virtualization

Yuanchuan technology focuses on creating an intelligent financial service solution under the 5g scenario. The impact sample gap broaching machine is mainly used to make U-shaped and V-shaped standard sample gaps of materials. The intelligent interactive technology with text, voice and video interaction as the main research objects integrates 5g technology to realize the full digitalization of the service marketing system for financial customers and release their potential

scheme background

at present, the mainstream customer service system in the financial industry mainly focuses on voice and multimedia access, and cannot achieve real-time video communication; With the development of business, there are more and more channels to obtain customers. It is urgent to carry out system transformation and upgrading and broaden service channels. The financial industry needs to adopt intelligent interactive technology for transformation and upgrading increasingly. As a leading enterprise in the field of intelligent interaction, Yuanchuan technology has a leading position in the market of small and medium-sized banks

scheme introduction

architecture diagram of intelligent service solution of telebank

the intelligent financial solution of telepass technology optimizes and improves traditional technologies in terms of service process optimization, risk control management optimization and humanized services of the financial system, and provides personalized and intelligent services for consumers in service scenarios such as business guidance, business handling, marketing and digital customer service

three highlights of the scheme

01 5g video customer service creates full truth interactive experience

in the past many years, Internet has been regarded as a virtual economy. When the Internet becomes authentic, the immersive experience can be restored with the help of VR and AR technologies. The development of 5g provides support for these

on the basis of traditional call centers, teletransmission technology adds video access means and video processing technology, so that agents can also provide face-to-face video services on the basis of traditional voice services, so as to achieve a real interactive customer experience. Compared with traditional text customer service and 2.3 customer service with good chemical stability for heat, oxidation, hydrolysis, etc., video interaction can not only enable customers to break through the limitations of time and space to enjoy the service, but also take into account customers' emotions, intelligently help users answer questions, identity authentication, strengthen risk control, and enable customers to enjoy convenient and humane services

02 5g digital people create multi-modal financial interaction experience

Quanzhen brings new scenarios and models for the integration of traditional industries and new technologies. For example, the future of smart cities and smart families will make the whole world more intelligent. The premise of wisdom is comprehensive digitalization and the true value of digitalization

based on advanced face recognition, autonomous navigation, target following, natural language understanding, language synthesis, voiceprint analysis and other technologies, teletransmission technology realizes friendly interaction with customers through the combination of voice interaction and touch screen interaction. Service guidance through digital people can share the passenger flow pressure of staff and ensure the standard and specification of service and service quality; In the process of business handling, digital people can vividly and vividly guide users to complete operations more conveniently, and strengthen risk control in combination with machine vision identification, so as to reduce the occurrence of Telecom fraud, identity impersonation and other situations; Digital people can also provide better human-computer interaction experience, reduce user resistance in the marketing process, and introduce products and services more humanized

03 all media intelligent customer system realizes integrated operation and management

all technologies must ultimately serve people, continue to deepen the connection between people, and the connection between services and services, so that the connection can create value. This is the direction of our continuous evolution and the consistent adherence of Yuanchuan technology

Yuanchuan technology, from the perspective of customer operation, based on the basic data of the core business system, has built an all media intelligent customer system and built an integrated operation management support platform, creating a business service integrating self-help and manual services. At the same time, it has the management functions of intelligent voice navigation, basic seats, intelligent scheduling, knowledge management, business transaction, intelligent quality inspection, etc., and assists in personnel management, scheduling management Site management, quality management, etc., and realize management operation and data display through employee personal portal, management background, large screen, etc. It also has good scalability, supports the continuous increase of business types and service content, and optimizes the functions of service collaboration, intelligent assistance, operation management, etc

all real interconnection breaks the connection between real and virtual, making the boundary between virtual and real more and more blurred. The 5g high bandwidth and low delay provide more possibilities for human-computer interaction, bringing customers a better experience. The China Mining Federation has also awarded Jixi the title of "graphite city of China"

Yuanchuan technology is committed to using video technology, digital people, AI capabilities and other richer forms of interaction, focusing on the business field in the financial field. The announcement of the German Aerospace Center points out that it can realize the interaction with users and customer service, provide users with innovative interactive experience, help enterprises create richer intelligent interactive application scenarios, and promote the value jump of the entire intelligent service industry chain

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