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Smart cars are changing. In the future, automotive glass will have communication function

I am now at the 2019 China Automotive forum held by China Automotive Industry Association in Shanghai. Today's forum has many heavyweight guests from the industry and all walks of life to discuss the development and trend of China's automotive industry in 2019. One of the sub forums is very noteworthy, It is a sub forum organized by the economic observer on smart cars and future travel mode change. We specially invited several heavyweight guests to share their views on smart cars and autonomous driving with us. Let's listen to their views

private enjoyment 1: every four cars in the world are AGC products

private enjoyment guests: executive director of AGC Corporation and general representative of AGC group in China, Akira Ueda

, A company like ours is a relatively unique company with a very large share in the world. Because we have many businesses and many technologies, we can multiply them to produce a lot of added value. As for the share in the world just mentioned, our share in this field in the world is 25%-30%, that is to say, one of every four cars in the world is AGC products. We can proudly say that we are the world leader in this field

our market share in China is very high in the world, which can be said to be the leading position, but our market share in China is not very high, about 15%

private enjoyment 2: focus on the development of polyvinylidene fluoride, pet, other fluororesins, silicone resins, silicone oils, etc. China is the world's largest automotive market.

China should be the world's largest automotive market. There are German, Japanese and many Chinese companies in this market. Chinese companies develop through joint ventures and will gradually expand their strength. Japan's automobile industry has a long history of development. Of course, some of Japan's industries have something to do with Japan's national character. Japan's national character is to do things very seriously. With this kind of craftsman spirit, we can improve the quality to the limit, constantly improve the process and improve the production efficiency, and do it very professionally. At the same time, the 3D system company in Japan announced the launch of 3D sprint 2.5 software. The manufacturer and the vehicle manufacturer are bound together. They have a very deep and reliable relationship to carry out long-term cooperation for Sandvik mine, and go global together

because China and Japan have different ways of operating the automotive industry and different business philosophies, as a parts manufacturer, we are promoting our business around the world and providing high value-added products for global consumers. We have crossed national boundaries and hope that global consumers can enjoy a comfortable life in a mobile society through our products

private enjoyment III: the future automotive glass will have communication function

private enjoyment guest: Zhongzhi Murano, head of the intelligent mobile business department of AGC automotive, recently started the production of products related to smart cars. The first is the future oriented 5g communication glass antenna. In addition, there are many interesting products. For example, a recent product is the development of glass like sensors, For example, we are the world's leading product that has successfully realized lidar and adapted to lidar. The mobile business is a great opportunity for AGC group. In the past, automotive glass was pure glass, but now automotive glass has become a product with communication function

private enjoyment 4: Japanese enterprises hope to promote the characteristics of simple operation through cooperation into the automotive industry intelligent alliance

agc has business distribution in all continents around the world, including Europe, America and South America. In the future, the progress of each region of the mobile society will be slightly different. As AGC group, it will provide corresponding technical support according to different regions and different progress. The practice of Japanese enterprises is to form strong alliances and do things together. In today's speech, we will also mention the research on 5g. AGC and companies specialized in communication are bound together for research and development. Japan attaches great importance to cooperation and works together to promote development

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