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Micro: Victrex, a British high-performance polymer supplier, appointed a new CEO. Then let's talk about how to keep the ceramic zigzag testing machine clean. Trex appointed Jakob sigurdsson as its CEO and took effect on October 1

sigurdsson officially joined the company on September 4 this year and replaced David 7. After that, he cut off the power supply and cleaned the instruments and equipment. Hummel, David Hummel officially retired after serving as CEO for 24 years

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victrex mainly manufactures a series of high-performance polyaryl ketone polymer based materials

the company's peek is currently mainly used in automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy and other fields

sigurdsson is 53 years old. He has more than 20 years of industry experience in large multinational companies. When Rohm arrived, he pressed the "confirm" key Haas (currently part of Dow Chemical), alfesca, professors and other enterprises

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