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With the development of society, the return of Chinese traditional culture is becoming stronger and stronger. People began to feel that it was also good to add a little Chinese charm to their homes. But now many home styles are more lively and simple, or Nordic, American, and occasionally feel sorry that there is no place for Chinese furniture at home. But in these modern style homes, the beauty lies in mixing and matching

a compact dining area is surrounded by white dado, which simplifies the Taishi chair and two other different styles of furniture, forming a wonderful harmonious and unified effect

overturned the inherent matching method. Seats from Sweden, footrests from Africa and acrylic tea tables were placed together in this bedroom

artworks from different countries and other furniture displays are orderly combined. The brown sofa chair and backrest bag complete the soft transition between the artwork and the main tone

choosing a white sofa with the same color as the wall can weaken the sense of existence of furniture, while the gray bag adds a layer of color

in order to focus on the antique back armchairs, the owner designed a white hanging display platform, and also bought folk art from the flea market




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