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Today is the beginning of autumn. The narrow side doors of Xinhaoxuan doors and windows adopt super large glass size to improve the effect of noise reduction, so that you can calm down and enjoy the outdoor beauty

it is the beginning of autumn, when the cool wind comes at the beginning, the white dew falls at the second, and the cold cicadas chirp at the third. The twenty-four solar terms have passed by half, and the summer heat is going to cool, and the season is about to enter autumn. From today on, the world of all things will change from "embracing plants and supporting the Soviet Union" to "looking at the rustling leaves". The boundless autumn scenery is poetic and waiting to be enjoyed

a window, with four seasons and seasons between windows and shadows, is like a silent film, urging the replacement of days frame by frame. The boundless autumn scenery, between the doors and windows, decorates a year's dream, and the window scenery is like a poem

by the door and window, taking advantage of the beautiful scenery, create a small building space and decorate the elegant room and fine house. Autumn thousands of species, but also need Xinhaoxuan narrow side door, to covet the good scenery of the world of all things

if doors and windows are the eyes of a house, Xinhaoxuan narrow side door is a bright big eye, which breaks the Visual limit of the traditional door and window frames with an appropriate narrow frame, extends the size of tempered glass as far as possible, improves the permeability and lighting, and can accept thousands of oceans, and can be brilliant in four seasons

wire glass and hollow partition glass are available for selection. Between changing scenes, or vaguely far away, you can see outdoor false bamboo; Or clear and clear, see the leaves rustling. Inlaid the beauty of the world into the door leaf, the scenery outside the door and window is an unintentional painting, although made by people, just like heaven

when we enjoy the beautiful scenery, we must not be impatient. We need to calm down and be as interesting as no one else. Xinhaoxuan narrow side sliding door adopts super large glass size to improve the effect of noise reduction; Xinhaoxuan narrow side swing door is equipped with automobile grade EPDM sealant strip, which is well sealed, has strong texture, reduces indoor noise, and allows people to quietly enjoy the outdoor beauty

lyricism through scenery, understanding in front of the window and synaesthesia under the window are another philosophical height of the Chinese people. Du Fu is "the window contains thousands of autumn snow in the west ridge"; Su Shi is "green window, Zhu Hu, spring day is closed"; Lu You is "calling you and appreciating xiaochuangming". It can be seen that artistic conception is often deep-seated poetic

if Chinese architecture is a poem, then the exquisite doors and windows are the most moving eyes of poetry

open a door, encounter a scene, leave a window and enjoy a scene. May your heart be beautiful and clear, so greedy for the boundless autumn outside





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