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After a tiring day's work, I want to enjoy my time at home. To create a healthy and fashionable home, just use Lianglong diatom mud to create a fashionable and healthy home

after a tiring day's work, I want to enjoy my time at home. To build a healthy and fashionable home, just use Lianglong diatom mud. Who says that diatom mud can only be simply painted on the wall. Diatom mud is not only of high quality, healthy and environmental protection, but also known as a wall art, creating a fashionable and healthy home

the style is simple, the design of log color is the main, and the gray wall is the bright dragon diatom nihai forest series, which perfectly highlights the Japanese style design, and the whole room is kind and warm

the small room is orderly, retro and chic. The Lianglong diatom mud such as pine series used in the sofa background wall has a simple texture, which is softer and warmer than the smooth wall surface, and has a great style

Ru song texture is also often used in European style, with delicate texture and uncomplicated, highlighting the design theme of simple style. The whole room is plain, and the beautiful blue is particularly amazing

screen printing has always been a popular style in the diatom mud industry. It can swim in various styles. The dark green background and warm patterns create a charming, retro but not cumbersome luxury

this American style really has the beauty of inescapable things. The dark log colored wooden table, dark coffee sofa and the classic retro chandelier are the perfect model of American style. Indigo diatom mud walls and carpets are the amazing pens of the room

blue seems to be the representative of the Mediterranean. The wall is spliced with two colors, and the beige bright dragon diatom mud is elastically painted with texture, which is connected with blue, and the blue is particularly bright. The sofa with two-color stripes exudes the flavor of the Mediterranean

royal blue curtains and black chandeliers are the design highlights, as well as royal blue decorations and cushions. The whole room is full of temptation and mystery, fashionable and elegant. The light colored sofa and TV background wall make the room not dull and depressing

pay attention: bright dragon mud, don't worry




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