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In many media reports, disputes and complaints caused by problems in home decoration quality often appear &mdash& mdash; According to the statistics of China Consumers' Association, the growth rate of complaints about home decoration and building materials ranked eighth in the commodity category, while the growth rate of complaints about housing decoration ranked seventh in the service category. The problems caused by the poor quality of home decoration not only focus on the construction quality and the air quality after decoration, but also include the traps set by the home decoration company in the contract, the designer misleading the owner to buy high-priced products to spend unjustified money, the problems in the design and quality of concealed works, the unqualified and non-standard operation of the construction team, the unqualified and non-environmental quality of furniture and building materials, and the price fraud of the home decoration company

indoor air pollution caused by decoration has become a terrible invisible killer. In recent years, owners have frequently sued decoration companies because of home decoration pollution. Poor construction quality also plagues people's lives. With the improvement of living standards, housing decoration has been paid more and more attention, but when people value beauty, generosity, fashion and fashion, they often ignore the attention to the decoration quality, resulting in some problems, ranging from disturbing people's normal life to endangering health and even life safety. The reporter interviewed two families in Taiyuan and asked decoration experts to interview the problems prone to occur in the process of home decoration

◆ the wardrobe door frequently fell and the bedroom bedside was in danger.

Mr. Chang, who lives in Changfeng street, Taiyuan, said that his current worry was that the wardrobe door at home frequently fell and injured his family, and it could not be repaired due to unreasonable design. Mr. Chang said that when he was decorating, he found a decoration company according to newspaper advertisements. Mr. Chang, who likes solid wood furniture, bought some boards and asked the carpenter to make several wardrobes and doors. The wardrobe in his son's bedroom is next to the bed and is designed as a sliding door to save space

Mr. Chang told reporters that when the whole family moved into the new house for twoorthree months, the son who was taking a lunch break suddenly shouted. It turned out that the wardrobe door fell down and hit his son's leg, making his leg blue. When Mr. Chang checked the fallen wardrobe door, he found that there was a problem in the design of the sliding door. The groove used to embed the top of the two sliding doors was too close and too shallow to firmly fix the sliding door

unable to contact the carpenter who decorated before, Mr. Chang had to find someone else to repair it, but was told that it could not be repaired. Mr. Chang had to fix the sliding door of the wardrobe by himself. Later, the sliding door fell down several times. Once it smashed the son's head into a big bag, and once it smashed the daughter-in-law who was taking a rest with the child. The frightened Mr. Chang and his family no longer dared to put the child on that bed

◆ the water leakage seriously angered the neighbors, and the chandelier fell off on the wedding day.

Mr. Zhao said that in the early autumn of last year, they entrusted an acquaintance, he, to decorate the wedding room. The poor quality of home decoration led to continuous troubles in their later life: some plastic steel windows could not be fastened, some simply dropped the lock, and the thief climbed in from the window; The ceiling lamp in the master bedroom fell down on the wedding day, almost hitting people; The sewer inlet is much higher than other places around. The kitchen and bathroom are often flooded because of poor drainage &hellip& hellip;

what Mr. Zhao and his family remember most is that two days before their marriage, the downstairs neighbor came to the door and said that the bathroom was leaking all the time. Please hurry up and repair it. Mr. Zhao apologized to the neighbor and turned off the main tap water valve at the same time. Who knows, when they returned to their hometown for the wedding, the downstairs neighbor still called to urge them to repair, saying that the toilet leakage was very serious, resulting in power failure, water dripping from the bulbs, and one wall of the home had been soaked off the wall





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