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Nowadays, many & ldquo; Industry elite & rdquo; In order to get rich, they choose to become entrepreneurs, and most entrepreneurs choose to join the chain Monopoly brand, directly borrow the gold lettered signboard of the headquarters, and get the help of

nowadays, many "industry elites" with business opportunity awareness choose to become entrepreneurs in order to get rich, and most entrepreneurs choose to join the chain Monopoly brand, directly borrow the gold lettered signboard of the headquarters, and can use the experience of the headquarters to obtain the "worry free" joining support of the headquarters, so as to reduce the risk of investment and operation and obtain large returns. What should we pay attention to when joining the whole wardrobe? The whole wardrobe brand Deville wardrobe

customized wardrobe is common in our life, and it is also one of the furniture with good market sales. In the franchise chain, customized wardrobe has become the first choice for entrepreneurs who have the question of "what problems should be paid attention to in franchise" with "big prospects, just demand, zero inventory and high profits". What problems should be paid attention to when joining in the overall customized wardrobe

first, clarify the brand positioning

a good brand will bring good comfortable service. The overall customized wardrobe is a durable product, which will inevitably lead to many unexpected situations, so consumers are willing to spend more than 15% to 30% of the usual price to buy brand goods; At present, domestic wardrobe consumers mostly obtain the relevant information of customized wardrobe brands through the Internet. Therefore, franchisees must clarify the brand positioning and marketing mode before joining

second, style differences

with the increasing demand for customization of the overall wardrobe, consumers hope to customize it according to their preferences and the size of the bedroom space; However, many wardrobe brands have relatively few styles, which makes franchisees unable to meet consumer demand in the local market after joining, resulting in a large loss of terminal orders

III. detail differentiation

when selecting wardrobe brands, we must pay attention to the detail differences of wardrobe brands. Only the wardrobe brands have rich wardrobe door styles and knife types, differentiated cabinet materials and colors, and differentiated selling points of products, can franchisees operate better in the local market

IV. comparing brand services

is the most important service for customers when purchasing products, and service is no exception for franchisees. Only when the wardrobe brand has a perfect support and support system, can the franchisees gain returns in the local market

v. "face to face" with the headquarters

some entrepreneurs are eager to start a business. They sign a franchise agreement hastily only by listening to some publicity materials of chain wardrobe enterprises. When there is a dispute, they find that the headquarters is smaller than their own store, or even an empty shell, and they have no ability and experience to solve store problems at all. Therefore, it is very necessary to go to the headquarters or franchise stores in person

VI. choose a good store

to build a wardrobe franchise store, it is important to choose a wardrobe brand, but the location of the store is also very important, because the advantages and disadvantages of the location will play a decisive role and influence on the future business development

VII. Good store effect

store design is the soul of the store image. Store design requires the headquarters designer to make the best plan according to the actual situation of the franchise location, and at the same time, decompose and implement the decoration construction according to the store design plan, so as to ensure the good effect of the store. It is a powerful weapon for the franchised store to sell faster

VIII. Trial operation before opening

the opening of the store must not be just for opening. There needs to be a transitional growth period. At this time, with the support of the wardrobe brand headquarters, we should improve the soft decorations in the store, the collaborative combat ability of the store team, and the daily operation and management of the store, and then detonate the local market through a local "opening" activity suitable for the time, and become popular! Therefore, the wardrobe franchised stores must be opened on a trial basis. We should take the food and grass before the soldiers and horses. Of course, the trial stores also need to accept orders. In that case, why not

joining the brand of the whole wardrobe is not a small thing. There are really many problems that need your attention in this process. The bigger the brand, the better. When choosing a wardrobe brand to join, you must choose a brand that is suitable for you, so as to help you choose a wardrobe brand that can "contribute" to your take-off, At the same time, we can realize the dream of becoming rich by joining the chain

if you want to succeed in joining in and starting a business, you need to work hard and learn to operate yourself, so that your efforts can produce multiple returns and improve the probability of success and profit! Friends who have thought about "what problems should be paid attention to in the franchise brand of the overall wardrobe", don't expect "pie falling from the sky", don't expect the franchise factory to help you deal with all the household matters without details, because what we need is to grow up with the support and support of the headquarters, and learn how to make the business of the franchise store of the wardrobe prosperous for a long time, rather than always being a "child" who doesn't know anything

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