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With the continuous development of the wardrobe industry, how to go upstream in the competitive environment has become a problem that many enterprises must think about now. As one of the top ten brands of China's overall wardrobe, how will Elaine deal with the challenges of the industry

in today's environment, the maintenance of the relationship between brands and consumers has become more and more difficult, but also more important than ever. The kind of short-term behavior that attempts to obtain consumers by advertising "frenzy" or an innovative plan is obviously not feasible, let alone building a strong wardrobe brand

first of all, we must understand the changes of consumer needs, self and personality. Based on the establishment of consumer database, carry out personalized brand marketing. Wardrobe enterprises should regard customer information as an important asset of the company, try to collect all kinds of information about customers from anyone who comes into contact with customers, and finally, use these detailed information to formulate brand marketing strategies to impress specific customer groups and make individual consumers completely and continuously satisfied

secondly, the brand strategy design should be touching. Deeply understand the psychological changes of consumers and find out what can move them, that is, recognize their life and self-concept. For example, the brand activity of Nike "just do it" has brought Americans the motivation to adhere to sports and exercise in time. These positive messages received by consumers are closely related to Nike brand. In a deeper sense, it is the brand concept that helps brands resonate with consumers and stand out from the competition, so as to establish a series of coordinated brand creation strategies

then, consumers should be encouraged to actively intervene. In this way, the brand relationship will deepen. The research shows that consumers value their interaction with the brand more than other relevant information. For example, experience marketing is to use this way to let consumers approach and participate to strengthen the connection with the brand

finally, we should segment the market for consumers in order to resonate with them. If the market segmentation strategy is confused, the brand will deviate from the beginning and lose its appeal point. To develop a deep relationship with consumers, it is necessary to formulate positioning content suitable for different market segments

facing the environment of the wardrobe industry today, wardrobe enterprises must stand at a strategic height, look at the relationship between brands and consumers from a long-term perspective, and make the two fully communicate, which is also the core and cornerstone of brand management in the future

the origin of the wardrobe industry is nothing more than practicality and environmental protection. Practicality can lead to durability. At present, it is rare for wardrobe enterprises to take durability and environmental protection as their brand image. Now Yilian wardrobe has taken the lead in setting an example: the cabinet body is guaranteed for ten years, and the hardware is guaranteed for life

environmental protection is the basic requirement for wardrobe. The environmental protection index of wardrobe is determined by the level of plate and manufacturing process. The environmental protection that consumers need can be heard and seen clearly. The so-called understanding of listening is to avoid those intentional conceptual confusion or verbal E0 grade plates, and to dare to show authentic evidence and write into the contract; Seeing clearly refers to the official authentication, anti-counterfeiting query and sales contract that can be seen, especially the store sales contract. Such brand requirements and brand building direction are in line with the new needs

wardrobe brands are all in contact with end consumers, and branding is the best choice for wardrobe enterprises. Wardrobe is an integrated product, which integrates many industries such as hardware, plate and decoration. Many enterprises in these industries are now behind the scenes heroes, and few can go to the front stage and be recognized by consumers. Hardware brands that can be recognized by the industry include Heidi poetry, Bailong, etc., and plate materials such as Daya. Relying on high-quality raw material suppliers, Yilian has established a strong, durable, environmental friendly and fashionable brand image, which is close to the origin of the industry




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