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In the flooring industry, there is a saying called "3 points for products, 7 points for installation". It can be seen that buying the floor is not everything. What is more important is the subsequent installation. According to the investigation of the wood flooring industry association, only 20% of the complaints and disputes about wood flooring are caused by the quality problems of the wood flooring itself, and more than 40% are caused by disputes in the laying process. Facing the problems of floor installation, most people don't know how to deal with them, and they are often fooled by the construction team or the manufacturer's maintenance personnel. Therefore, China flooring network believes that understanding the necessary knowledge of floor installation is an essential lesson before decoration

1. Wood keel fire prevention

when paving solid wood floors, wood keels should be used, and the key is to eliminate inferior wood. In addition, in order to prevent fire, the wooden keel should be painted with 1-2 times of fire retardant coating. Small decoration companies often cut corners in this regard, so the floor installation still needs to find a reliable brand company

2. Prevent the fixing method of using wood wedges and iron nails

the fixing method of using wood wedges and iron nails in construction will cause insufficient nail holding force due to the too small contact surface between wood wedges and iron nails, which is very easy to cause the wood keel to loosen, and there will be a sound when stepping on the floor

3. The paver should adjust the direction of the floor to extend from the door to the room. The maximum span of the floor is 6 meters multiplied by 8 meters. Beyond this limit, a contraction joint must be left and a buckle strip must be used

4. Never trust the foreman to say to you, "this thing is like this. You don't understand it, it's not a quality problem." At this time, be careful and ask more experienced friends. The trap is often here

5. The reserved expansion joints at the wall root, door batten interface, etc. are greater than 8mm; Whether the splicing is continuous and uniform, and whether the residual glue is cleaned in time; Based on the consideration of moisture-proof performance, anti deformation and convenient cleaning, the floor glue should be used for the paved floor, even the latch floor should also adhere to this principle

6. When laying floor blocks, the four edges and four corners of each board must be parallel and vertical to each other, and there must be no error, because with the expansion of the laying area, the error also increases

in addition, wood floor decoration also has "two precautions":

a, beware of "taking a pay from the bottom"

in some small brand floor enterprises, there are often "taking a pay from the bottom" fraud methods. Specifically: when the owner buys the floor, he usually uses the "box" in his mind to calculate the floor delivered to his home, but in the floor delivered to his home, is it really 12 or 10 pieces of floor in each box? Not necessarily. There may be 12 pieces in this box, but there may be only 11 pieces in that box, because someone secretly took one piece from it

in the actual decoration process, in fact, most owners simply do not know that there are missing floors under the thick cartons. Generally, the owners will pay close attention to the floor itself before buying, and after bargaining and payment, especially after the floor is transported home, they will relax their vigilance -- as long as the cartons are opened and facing the floor covered with the ground, the owners simply have no way to investigate whether there is a shortage. The precaution is also very simple: after the floor is sent home, take apart a section of cross-section of most or all cartons and check whether there is a shortage

b, beware of "malicious loss"

the floor has fixed specifications, but the room with floor installation may not be. Therefore, when installing the floor, there must be some places where the floor needs to be sawn for dislocation installation. Therefore, there may be "malicious loss", which means that some floor installers maliciously make loss, cut off a piece of the complete floor and stuff it into the gap between the floor and the ground. In this way, it is clear that the floor area purchased has exceeded the installation area, but they still need to buy more, so they have to pay more money

to be honest, whether this "malicious loss" will occur basically depends on the conscience of the floor installer. After all, floor installation is a technical work, and the owner cannot pave the floor after becoming an expert. Therefore, the main business to prevent this "malicious loss": first, in the floor purchase stage, ask more merchants whether they have a professional laying team, find more loud brands of floors, and first "say the rules"; Second, the owner should send more people to watch on the site, and people should not be allowed to saw the board at will

From September 11 to September 13, 2010, Shangchen flooring convened brand operators to hold the "Shangchen flooring 2010 mid year marketing conference and floor installation training" at wenhuayuan Hotel, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. At the meeting, nearly 100 operators participated in the training of floor installation knowledge for two consecutive days. As all the core operators of Shangchen floor participated in this time, they themselves have strong service awareness and service skills, coupled with the detailed explanation of experts, so they all passed the post training examination on September 12, meeting the strict requirements of Shangchen floor installation level. At the meeting, Professor Yang Meixin presented the honorary medal and certificate of "China wood flooring installation standard unit" to Gu Guohua, chairman of Shangchen flooring, on behalf of the "flooring professional committee of China wood and wood products circulation association". (source: China flooring network)




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